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Therapeutic Massage


"In addition to scoliosis, I have been plagued with neck and lower back pain most of my life. Therapeutic massage offered by Patricia Kelley is amazing. I always leave her office feeling better physically and mentally. From the time you you walk into her office she puts you at ease. Her first interview with you is very thorough, and she genuinely cares for her patients. I have experienced many therapists over the years. One visit with Patty, and I was hooked, It is 10 years now and I am so grateful that I discovered her magic hands."

- Mary Meehan

"I was encouraged to try massage by my Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Fuller, 12 yrs. ago for chronic migraine headaches. I have received both Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage and both have worked wonders.
My stress levels have decreased. Even though I still get headaches, they are not as frequent or intense. I would recommend Patty to anyone who asks about massage therapy. She is extremely friendly & professional. The office atmosphere is very relaxing & clean. Patty is well-educated on the many different types of massages.
Very relaxing

- Mark Di Perna

"I have been going to Patty Kelley for massage therapy and Reiki for 6yrs, I believe that her style of massage helps me with my health and wellness because it helps to keep my immune system stay functioning well. Dealing with students and all the illnesses they bring into a school setting makes it imperative to boost my immunity. It helps me relieve stress and keeps my need for medicine, doctors visits and sick days down to a minimum. I believe regular massage therapy is a necessity not a luxury. Massage by About Time Muscular Therapy & Massage (Patty Kelley) is a wise investment because ultimately it saves me money & time. by keeping me healthy."

- Deb Loftus